Nurturing positive habits & inculcating life-skills set that last a lifetime for children, parents, and educators!

“It is not just about knowing; it is how we apply that knowledge. Many parents and teachers are well-informed, yet they may not have developed the skills or habits to put what they learn into practice to help children as intended. It is the translation of knowledge into purposeful action that makes the difference.”

Ms Has A.R, Founder of Positive Focus®  / Educator since 1995 

6 months - 17 months

      18 months - 36 months

3​ -6yrs , 7 - 12yrs, 13- 18 yrs

3 -6yrs , 7 - 12yrs, 13- 18 yrs

Family Phonics 3 - 6 yrs 

 6 months - 12 years

The Proven Parent Solution - For Parents and Professionals

This safe,  step-by-step process empowers parents to improve or overcome their children’s challenges & overall behaviour.

Positive Focus® Impact Training (P.F.I.T)

Parents & Teachers working with children  0 – 12 yrs.

Join us for an eye-opening journey into our signature program using Applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  Yoga Play, Music & Movement and Whole Brain Development techniques.

The High impact training will enhance your parenting or teaching knowledge, skills and habits. Take charge of how to deliver the joy of teaching in a supportive and positive environment!

Positive Habits Impact Everything

Our habits shape our reality. Unfortunately, many times, we are unconscious about how they affect us such as our communication or self-management.That's why we have been spreading positive human developments since 2006.

Growing up with Positive Focus® 

From struggling to read, write and learn to currently pursuing a Double Degree in Law and Liberal Arts at The Yale – NUS college. 

This is NOT about positive thinking, it is a well-rounded journey that involves:

Creative Communication

When learning is FUN, ENGAGING and EXPLORATORY through dynamic play elements such as music, games, and creative drama, it creates meaningful associations and encourages children to find and express their authentic voices. It enables parents to communicate deeper with their children and for educators to transfer a lasting impact.

Positive Learning Environment

It takes a village to raise a child. To help the next generation thrive, parents, teachers and learning institutions need to be equipped with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to create a nurturing and positive learning environment.

positive habits

Nurturing Mindful Habits

Stress and dissonance tend to show up in a child's learning journey. Therefore, nurturing children with self-regulation skills, emotional management and positive communication habits promote a healthy self-esteem. This leads to improved behaviour and a happier state of mind for a successful learning journey.

What did our clients say?

"Watching my daughter blossom and her awareness opens up."

"A very kids-orientated, dynamic session, geared towards building the child’s physical, emotional and mental care."

Mother of Catherine (6-years old)

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