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Being a teen can be really stressful

Common symptoms of stress that many teens face include problems with concentration at school, feeling nervous in social settings due to heightened self-consciousness, i.e, social anxiety, feeling tired or overwhelmed. They are also experiencing negative thoughts, procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities and changes in sleeping habits or eating habits.

Mindfulness is a powerful way to handle stress. The mind and body are closely connected, and stress can affect the mind and body negatively.

mindful teens benefits

Benefits of Mindfulness in Education

For Students:

  • Increases ability to pay attention, self- control, self-care, optimism, social-emotional skills
  • Decreases anxiety, stress, and fatigue

For Teachers:

  • Increases well-being, efficacy, positive emotions, self-compassion, and teaching skills
  • Decreases burnout, stress, depression, negative emotions, and anxiety

* (Flook et al., 2013; Jennings et al., 2013; Kemeny et al., 2012; Meiklejohn et al., 2012; Schonert-Reichl and Lawlor, 2010)

What are the takeaways?

Students will takeaway 20 mindful techniques covering Mindful Seeing, Mindful movement, Mindful listening, and Mindful Breathing and Mindful communication that will help them daily with:

  • Focused attention
  • Reframing negative judgments
  • Self-control
  • Self-care
  • Optimism
  • Social-emotional skills
  • Manage Anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

Participants will receive exclusive Mindfulness tools...

  • Mindful sounds: Audio support MP3 (for home practice)
  • Exclusive Proprietary materials developed exclusively by Positive Focus *Not for sale
  • Mindfulness workbook including Activities from Positive Psychology Toolkit designed to helpteens and young adults.

Investment: $400 per participant (inclusive of Mindfulness Toolbox and 3-days training)

Date: 4, 5, 6 September 2017, 2pm - 5pm

Location: The School Of Positive Psychology

Concorde Hotel, #03-20/21/14,

100 Orchard Road, 238840

Contact Us: 6737 2977 / SMS: 8163 7042


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