Teacher Training

Focus on Taking Positive Actions! Be A Positive Teacher / Parent (Kindergarten – 12 yrs)

Being Positive is not just about Positive Thinking! 

Bring home more than 100 activities you can practice with children daily to foster optimism, raise IQ, EQ, PQ (Physical), self -awareness, communication skills and physical wellness.

Happiness is a conscious choice, it is not something that drops from the sky and into our children’s laps.

Thanks to neuroplasticity, we can develop the happiness muscle! Everything begins within!  

Join us for an eye-opening journey into our signature program using Applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  Yoga Play, Music & Movement and Whole Brain Development techniques.

The High impact training will enhance your parenting or teaching knowledge, skills and habits. Take charge of how to deliver the joy of teaching in a supportive and positive environment!

Parents are the best teachers. As a parent, you have a profound impact on the lives of your children. With practical and easy to do holistic activities, you can optimize the benefits of the program to your family.

This concentrated high impact training will not only enhance your parenting skills, you can help others realize these benefits as an educator too. 

This workshop is open to all individuals seeking to make working with children and families a career, or simply as an enrichment of knowledge to the infinite possibilities of Yoga Play, Neuro-Linguistic Programming , Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Music and whole brain learning.

Prerequisites to be an educator.

  • Must Be Fit And Flexible In Mind And Body.
  • Have A Strong Clear Singing Voice And Is  Comfortable Singing In Public
  • Demonstrate Strong Steady Beat Ability And Rhythmic Sensitivity
  • Speak Good English And Able To Communicate Effectively
  • Love Working With Children And Adults Alike.
  • Course Structure:

    An interactive and hands-on workshop that encompasses demonstrations, break-out group discussions and presentations, lectures and practical sessions. Candidates will have ample opportunities to not only to understand the Positive Focus® approach but also to network with fellow candidates and gain insights from each other's experiences and reflections.


    •    Practical Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    •    Introduction to Applied Positive Psychology and Positive Education

    •    Mindful Tools For Self-Care

    •    Introduction to Creative Drama

    •    Understanding the 7 chakras for beginners (the energy centres in our body in which energy flows through)

    •    Personality types – Basic applications of the Enneagram in parenting, teaching, and relationships. (Enneagram can be used to understand behaviour and dynamics.)

    •    Learning styles (Preferred representational system)

    •    Positive Classroom Management strategies

    More than 100 activities explored!

    Especially for Parents & teachers working with children K-12 yrs!

    • Exclusive A – Z Animal Safari Yoga Play
    •  Exclusive A – Z Fitness Fun with Body Alphabet
    • Breathing exercises for children, parents, and teachers
    • Brain – Balancing exercises
    • Musical games and dramatic dances
    • Exercises to enhance self – control skills & ability to listen

    Limited space! Maximum 12 participants per intake to ensure maximum learning!

    We are pleased to provide further discounts for participants who are serious about enriching the lives of children and their families and have attained relevant certifications that will strengthen their potential to teach the Positive Focus Programmes.Further discounts for participants with the following certifications:

    Certificate of Educational Studies, U.K.(Accredited by The College of Teachers, U.K.)

    1. Certificate of Educational Studies – Phonics
    2. Certificate of Educational Studies – Music & Movement
    3. Certificate of Educational Studies – Speech Development & Creative Drama

    Students from The school of Positive Psychology

    1. Certifications from all levels of courses in the School of Positive Psychology


    1. Yoga instructors or Yogakids certification
    2. Neuro - linguistic programming (Practitioner) certification
    3. Speech & Drama Certification - Grade 5 and above
    4. Certificate in early childhood education
    5. Diploma in Montessori Method of education

    $100 Off per certificate. *Capped at a maximum of $200

    * Not valid with early bird promo.

    1 year on-going support

    All participants will have the opportunity to observe and assist in the Positive Focus programmes at selected enrichment centres, partners / events on weekdays or weekends.

    Investment: $2000 / pax

    Includes manuals, exclusive Fitness Fun with Body Alphabet Cards©, A – Z Animal Safari Yoga Chart, Music and Movement CD, 1 personality profiling test and 1 learning style test.

    The workshop is highly hands on! More than 100 activities will be explored to Nurture Positive Habits that Last a lifetime for children K – 12 years. Be prepared to raise your energy levels and connect with your inner child.

     Duration: 24 contact hours + 2 months online reflective practice 

    Fees: $2000 per pax

    Early Bird Group discounts available.

    Price inclusive of P.F.I.T manuals, Exclusive Body Alphabet Cards, Animal Safari Yoga Charts, 2 music CDs.

    Training venue: 

    Positive Focus @ Mindful Space

    10 Winstedt Rd, Block A 02-02, Singapore, 227977.

     Beside ACS Junior (8 mins walk from Newton MRT)

    Private group session available. Min 3 to start.

    Payment Options

    (1) By cheque – Payable to Positive Focus Pte Ltd

    (2) Funds Transfer 

    (3) PayPal

    Dress Code: Comfortable attire, preferably slacks, which allows positive expression of self for movement activities. As this is a shoes off event, socks is advised as it may get cold.


    Positive Focus has embarked on a whole new journey for me as a parent and an educator.

    The Positive Focus Impact Training (P.F.I.T) is very practical and useful for parents and educators. 
    Children can relate well to the curriculum because it is engaging, fun and wholesome. E.g., Body Alphabet, Animal Safari Yoga Play, Neuro - Linguistic programming, Music and Movement etc.

    The mentorship I received as an educator is priceless. Educators are put to the test in the real world to get us ready for a bigger challenge. I found the experience highly beneficial for me.

    The Goulding Process is amazing; it is the best gift every parent can give to their child to develop their self - esteem.

    My children and I have benefitted much from the programs. You can feel the positive vibes from the Trainer, Miss Has. Highly recommended for parents and educators.

    Jen Li Soo - Parent of 2 children (3 and 5 years) Educator &

    Accredited Goulding Process -Sleeptalk Consultant for children.

    Premium Educational services at an affordable price range helmed by Celebrity host/ Master Trainer/ Education Consultant, Has. A.R who has positively transformed the lives of thousands of families over the last 12 years.
    I love the Positive Me Camp/Program for its holistic and creative approach that is so wonderful for kids in boosting their self-confidence and pursuing mastery in every area of their lives. 
    The Goulding process is also a simple and effective program which helps children and their families improve their self-esteem and overcome unconscious patterns of negative beliefs/behavior. 
    I have been an educator for 10 years and have benefited greatly from the Positive Focus Impact Training for Educators as it integrates various unique learning modalities that is simply not available anywhere else! It is unique, multi-disciplinary and most effectively taught by Ms. Has AKA Ms. Positive-one of the world's best trainers, in my opinion!!!
    I would highly recommend Positive Focus to all parents,children and Educators seeking solutions/ personal development/ positive transformation. You will LOVE it!!!.

    Kim Quek - Lecturer , Counselling Psychologist 

    Fantastic mind, body and soul program from which both children and adults can benefit immensely. The founder, Ms Has, is a truly inspiring human being who radiates positivity from every pore! I found the Positive Focus Impact Training for Educators a really enriching experience both on a personal and professional level. Thank you!!

    Carolina Bouza Rodriguez - Early Childhood Educator

    When I first met the exuberant Miss Has through Kindermusik 14 years ago, it was an immediately impactful encounter. She was a very experienced and fun educator to my then 6-months young daughter. Later on, when miss Has embarked on establishing Positive Focus, my daughter and I naturally followed suit. After attending the P.F.I.T. (Positive Focus Impact Training), my life changed for the better. I was empowered with profound and deep knowledge to make decisions on life, parenting, my educator journey, and in a myriad and multitude of other ways. As for my teenager, I believe that we have much to thank for the powerfully positive guidance we received in her early childhood years through Kindermusik and Positive Focus.

    May Wong Parent of a 15 yr old daughter.

     6 stars! Love at first sight with Positive Focus Methodology and Ms Has approach to parenting & children education.

    First encounter the program in 2012, and took every single course or program Ms Has offer after that, action speaks louder than words!

    PF is not just another kids enrichment, holiday program or teacher training. Love the passion & values ingrained in the program.

    Concept learned can be easily applied at home or school by parents/


    Other than Academic & Technical/

    Hard skills,
    Positive Focus emphasize on SOFT SKILLS in children:

    - Increase Emotional Resilience
    - Positive Communication 
    (thoughts, words, body language, habits!)
    - Ability to regulate Emotions
    - Stress Management
    - Growth Mindset
    - Reflection
    - Gratitude 
    - Mind & Body Connection & Coordination
    - Self-Control & Regulation
    - Boost Motivation
    - Build Confidence & Self Esteem

    PFIT program (teacher training) makes learning so much fun & bring the natural inner child in you to perform at best, giving yourself permission to be imaginative, creative & spontaneous!

    Ms Has is a trainer you can learn so much from, she runs the extra mile to share, give & support. Continue to spread your passion & be a sunshine!

    Vernessa Chua - Parent of a 10 month old baby girl.
    Founder of Mindful Space
    Accredited Goulding Process - Sleeptalk Consultant for children. 

    Ms. Has, at first, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unconditional love, support, encouragement, and patience during my learning journey based on a holistic approach in a dynamic environment. It was a wonderful journey towards a Transformational change as an Educator and Parent, with impactful training imparted at Positive Focus.

    Thank you for being my guiding light and encouraging me throughout my journey. You have helped me to identify my weaknesses and turned them into my strengths. I will always be grateful for your valuable input and investment in my life. I consider myself most fortunate to learn from you and your invaluable vast experience as a Mentor/ Coach. It is a blessing to have such a passionate, enthusiastic and energetic Trainer / Coach/ Mentor like you in my life.

    I would like to add here that you are amazingly an incredible Coach for adults. Moreover, your Positive kid's program at Positive Focus has helped my own child including many other children in creating their future with a positive connotation.

    The most important lesson I have learned with all the training under your guidance is, how we become very conscious, mindful and aware of our own competence. Your constant motivation and encouragement pushed me to the greater heights; I never thought would be possible for me. In addition to this, it also helped me to improve my mind and body synchronicity.

    You have been an exemplary and visionary mentor with your incredibly valuable wisdom and an inspiration, a great leader who has dedicated her life to the service of humanity to make the world a better place for children and families. As an entrepreneur, your achievements have been remarkable.

    I appreciate and treasure everything I have learned from you.

    I’m grateful to have you as my Mentor.

    Nirupama Soni -  Parent of 10 year old boy-  Founder of  Synergy Locus, Accredited Goulding Process -Sleeptalk Consultant for children. Reiki Teacher,

    More testimonials from our happy clients

    Watch our Positive Kids, Teens and Families  share their experiences after our attending our programmes.

    Growing up with Positive Focus® 

    What impact can this training give you as a parent or an educator?

    These methods have helped my son from struggling to read, write and learn in Kindergarten to currently pursuing a Double Degree in Law and Liberal Arts at The Yale – NUS college.

    ~ Has A.R Founder Master Trainer, Positive Focus Pte Ltd. Find out more here!