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Parent & Child programmes

Positive Babies® (7 – 17 months) Positive Tots® (18 – 36 months)

Positive Focus® programmes are founded on the philosophy that a child’s development must be balanced and well rounded. We believe in the equal development of the child’s mind, body, behaviour and emotional quotient.

Singing songs repeatedly helps children learn basic speech patterns. Putting actions and dance to songs helps them recall these new words and their meaning.Music, movement and social interaction come together in a joyous celebration of learning. Young children learn best by doing and modeling. Our weekly “Hello” and “Goodbye” songs invite active involvement in mastering a wealth of vocabulary, increased social skills and creativity!

Centering & Breathwork

Children aren’t immune to stress; it’s an inevitable part of existence for everyone. However, if given the right tools and experience, they can learn to effectively manage life’s pressures.Parent / caregiver and child will enjoy soothing loving moments to help reduce anxiety, enhance focus and concentration. Both you and your child can gain lifelong benefits from having relaxation techniques implemented into your daily lives.

Rhythmic Yoga Play

Movement is key to stimulating brain development in young babies and children, encouraging the creation of neural connections, particularly across the two hemispheres.Our exclusive rhythmic yoga play for babies, toddlers and preschoolers are designed to enhance both mind and body fitness. The physical benefits include increased movement abilities, strengthening of muscles, improved balance and endurance, leading to overall better health. The mental benefits include a calmer disposition, increased attention span and mental resilience leading to a more harmonious and happy well – being.

Positive Affirmation Circle & Parents / Caregivers Positive Reflections

Every day, children hear repeatedly what they need to improve: listen more, speak clearer, eat their veggies, etc. Although these are important reminders, we also need to step back and remind our children how good, kind, smart and special, they are. It’s never too early to start.Positive affirmations are a great way to help your children feel really good about themselves. Say your affirmations with passion, the higher your emotional state as you say them, the more effective they are to help your loved ones feel confident in their abilities and development. Regular use of positive affirmations will help children to love themselves and life.

Eye -Tracking  & Eye – hand coordination Play

Good ocular motor skills allow the eyes to move simultaneously in a smooth pattern. Ocular motor skills are an important foundation for fine motor skills such as writing, gross motor skills such as catching a ball and academic skills such as reading.The eyes are connected to the brain! Parent/caregiver and child will have fun bonding and engaging in eye tracking exercises and eye-hand coordination play with a variety of colourful child-friendly props.

Music and Movement

Moving around, through, under, over, into spaces and negotiating objects is one of the best ways to teach young children spatial awareness. Research has shown that children who are able to identify and maintain a musical beat do considerably better in all academic subjects, particularly maths and literacy.Participants will engage in developmentally appropriate music and movement activities that involve the whole child. Your child’s desire for language will be expressed through songs and rhymes. The body’s natural urge to move will be positively nurtured through our exclusive dramatic music and sounds; especially designed to help develop inhibitory control – the ability to control or stop one’s movements.  The brain’s attention to patterns will be stimulated through a sequence of repetitive rhythmic movements, counting, and improvisations. Vocal play to enhance speech development. Sound exploration to develop good listening skills and language processing. Instrument / prop play to stimulate imagination and enhance coordination.

Stories come alive with movements and drama!

Movement plays an important role in language development because early communication is entirely physical, consisting only of gestures and expressionsTickle, laugh, bounce, stretch, cry, scream, whisper and imagine! Reading doesn’t have to be a silent activity. Our stories come alive with movements and drama positively transforms the read-aloud experience into a stimulating session that ignites a child’s wonder for both the written and spoken word.

Trial Class: $45

Package Fee: $320

8 sessions  to be completed in 10 weeks

Duration 45 mins

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