Positive ME Camp

A positive Kids series by Positive Focus®

Everything begins within!
Positive Kids will tune in to their

Applied Positive Psychology, Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Kids Yoga ...

Mind and Body Fitness - Explore and discover how our mind and body are interconnected...

Emotion Management :  Identify how our body respond to the way we think feel and act...

Self – Improvement Project: Reflect,  Recognise  & Reframe...

18th - 20th July ( 6 - 12 yrs)  10 am - 1 pm  LOCATION: Tanglin Mall EARLY BIRD / Sibling Buddy  Promo ENDs 22nd June 

The Positive Me Summer Camp                  @ Our Music Studio
July 18th, 19th & 20th - Wednesday to Friday 
10am to 1pm
Registration Form
All Fees are net, and inclusive of class and take home materials and a free goodie bag in our Joyful June promotion, which ends on 22nd June 2018, midnight. Goodie bags will be given on 1st day of camp.
ο Early Bird



ο $380 




    Ends 22nd June, midnight


ο Sibling/Buddy 

2 to go


ο $360 per child



     Ends 22nd June, midnight

ο Standard Fee after

22nd June


ο $420 per child








Terms & Conditions


1. Minimum 15 participants. 


2. Positive Focus & partners reserves the right to cancel the event if 

    minimum number is not met and payment made will be refunded.


3. Space confirmation is upon receipt of payment.


4. No refunds or make-up for non-attendance.