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“The phonic course instructor Ms Has was just amazing in the way she conducted the class. The way she combined delivering course materials sprinkled generously with practical tips and effective activities (songs, strategies, brain body methods etc) from her own experience is something only the best of instructors can do. Can’t thank you enough!” – Shrimadhy Hariharan –

GIG Education Centre  – The Teacher  Developer

“THANK YOU** from the bottom of my heart Ms Has for the knowledge you have imparted during the short 8 weeks with you. I have learnt much and was able to apply what I learnt immediately into my business. And I am now able to speak with greater conviction with parents from an educator’s perspective and always stand from the point for the good of the child/learner. I have benefited much from her delivery. Good curriculum can only go far with good delivery and so my only regrets is not being able to carry on learning from her on a long term basis but nonetheless her positive learning attitude has certainly rubbed off hard on me and will see me go a long way too!

Love & hugs to such an amazing mentor,
MS HAS POSITIVE” – Tina Wong  – GIG Education Centre  – The Teacher  Developer

“Always thought phonics was ONLY about focussing on phonemic proficiency – just go into class, cut to the chase and dive straight into teaching the phonemes, etc.

BUT Miss Has after attending your classes these past 6 weeks, you have given me a more holistic approach to conducting a lesson. Kudos to you, I have learnt that just as important, if not more, is ensuring the children ENJOY learning phonics through the different fun, engaging and creative activities during lesson time. You have taught us not only the ‘hard’ but the ‘SOFT’ skills which only comes with lots of personal experience.

Always encouraging with your positive affirmations , you have inspired me to want to be a fun and proficient phonics teacher.

Hugs and roses
Geraldine ” – GIG Education Centre  – The Teacher  Developer

“Thank you  Ms Has!!!

It has been so much fun and educational, 7 lessons with you is simply not enough!
You  have been inspiring and exuding so much positivity, it is a true privilege to attend your lessons.Looking extremely forward to Phonics with you!  missing our mates in class… – CheryL Tan Speech Development and Creative Drama –GIG Education Centre  – The Teacher  Developer

Positive Reflections from participants who attended the 2 – day Mindful Tools for Self – Care  workshop: 

What our young learners say:

“The Positive Me Camp helps me because it helps me to be fit, speak out loud, and learn about kindness, gratefulness and mindfulness.”

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“I have learned how to manage myself stress.”

The Positive Me programme! Develop your child's Mindset, Heartset and Healthset! 👍🌻❤️🌟A seamless integration of Applied Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Yoga for Children, Music, Movement and Drama!http://positivefocus.com.sg/a/positive-kids-6-12-yrs/SMS 81637042Another positive collaboration with the School of Positive Psychology in April 2017! New Time slot starts 1st April 2017, at 4.30 pm! Only 5 slots left! Children know best! Listen to what our learners have say! Positive Kids 2017 – https://www.facebook.com/positivefocus.com.sg/videos/1397691716941224/Positive kids 2014 – 2015https://www.facebook.com/positivefocus.com.sg/videos/1398203733556689/Positve kids 2016

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“I love being kind!”

The Positve Me programme empowers children with positive mindset and heartset.🌟🌟🌟A positive collaboration with the School of Positive Psychology in 2017! New Time slot starts 1st April 2017 at 4.30 pmenquiries@positivefocus.com.sgSMS: 81647042Find out more!http://us13.campaign-archive2.com/?u=0dcefaf337d76f95409700457&id=def2fb20d0&e=08233721c7"I love being kind!"- Positive Kids 2016

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“I learned how to control my brain.”

The Positive me Camp! A Positive Kids Series by Positive Focus…

What will you learn at The Positive Me Camp?Let's hear it from the Positive Kids themselves!

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