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Hi! I am Hasnah A. Rahman, and I'm affectionately known to my students as Ms Has, I have worked with thousands of teachers, parents and children aged 0 - Teens for more than 24 years. Passionate to empower them with positive habits for life, I am the founder and director of Positive Focus Pte. Ltd.

I am known for my enthusiasm, authenticity and positive engagement that stimulate, inspire and empower my learners with positive tools to boost happiness, resilience and well-being through empowering education. 

Founder / Master Trainer / Life Coach  /   Speaker

Accredited Goulding Process SleepTalk® Consultant Trainer - The proven parent solution


I enjoy delivering inspiring, motivating and transformational holistic workshops/trainings through fun, Brain-Compatible Strategies, relaxation and revolutionary teaching/coaching all combined into one. My ultimate goal is to empower learners to:

  • Own their greatness
  • Confront their limiting beliefs about themselves, their students or children
  • Recognise that Health and Wellness are key to school / work / business / life success
  • Ignite their passion for learning
  • Upgrade their knowledge, skills and habits with practical life tools to change Consciousness - From Chaos to Clarity. From survival to thriving

My defining moments

Mummy, can you teach my friends what you have taught me?”, suggested my 6-year-old son.

My journey began when I first discovered my son showing signs of learning challenge when he was about 5 years old, back in 1999...

Fast forward 2017... His growth is based upon these essential sets of life skills which he shared in this video.

Impacting  Children, Parents, Educators and Helping Professionals.

Parenting Seminar

Parenting Seminar - Speaker

Corporate  Trainer

Family Events - Edutainer

Professional Certification - Consultant Trainer 

The Proven Parent Solution - The Goulding  Process Sleep Talk. The Goulding Institute has received accreditation as an approved training organisation with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

 GIG International School – Teacher Trainer

The Teacher Developer for Certificate Of Educational Studies, accredited by The London Teacher Training College , UK – Phonics, Early Literacy & Reading Comprehension, Speech Development and Creative Drama.

Consultant and Host for Parent & Child Workshops

Positive Focus On Club M.A.G.I.C - OKTO Channel

Consultant and Host For Singapore's First Preschool Television Series on Okto

Parent & child educator

-Early childhood  

Parent & child educator

-Primary schoolers

School programme trainer


Parents and caregivers play a vital role in this whole ecosystem of learning in the family. As a parent or caregiver, you are playing multiple roles from being a spouse, a household provider to a role model for children. Therefore, your capacity to manage your well-being, to adapt to the education demands of children and to communicate with them healthily become key factors for growth.


Children of today and tomorrow are facing great stress and challenges in learning for their future. With an increasing expectation, simply preparing them for the academic aspects isn't enough. They need multiple support and nurturance in their psychological, emotional, physical, social and mental development to become a leader of tomorrow.


To be able to thrive ahead of the education needs to prepare children and parents to match up to the globalisation trends, educators' capabilities become an instrumental pivot in this whole learning ecosystem. Hence, learning methodologies need to stay relevant, current, valuable and robust to be able to make a difference in your career.

Transferring impact to parents, children and educators with creativity, purpose, spontaneity and wits.

With a holistic mastery of multiple learning methodologies, I add value with my expertise through training, teaching, coaching, speaking and creating customised programmes.


My son and I in 2019.

My love for the work that I do has brought so much joy, meaning and purpose in my life. It has made me a passionate advocate for lifelong learning. This passion has led me to become a certified practitioner in Applied Positive Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Yoga Therapy and an accredited consultant and trainer for the Goulding Process Sleep Talk for children.   

I have been a consultant and host AKA Miss Positive for all three seasons of CLUB M.A.G.I.C, Singapore’s first preschool TV program on Okto channel.

Currently,  I am also a trainer for GIG Education Centre – The Teacher Developer for the Certificate of Professional Practice, accredited by London Teacher Training College, UK and a member of The International Association of Counselors and Therapists, a premier association for holistic practitioners. 

My Professional Expertise

My rich experience with children and adults

Publications that has featured my work

Listen to my interview on parenting made easy - 
I shared my parenting journey and parenting tips on 938 Live Radio in 2012
I am thankful for the incredible journey; it all began when he had learning challenges in his kindergarten years. I was a struggling single mother; helping him to learn effectively was not the only challenge...Today he's pursuing a double degree in Law and Liberal Arts at Yale - NUS College.
We've all struggled; one way or another as parents and the road is different for everyone. The journey can sometimes seem long, emotional and filled with uncertainties. It's so easy to disconnect with our authentic selves amidst all of the noise of parenthood and family life.

I create video content to support children and adults boost happiness, resilience and well-being at home, in schools or workplace.    You can also see what past students (6 yrs - teens) say about their experience after attending our programmes)  on my YouTube Channel


“THANK YOU** from the bottom of my heart Ms Has for the knowledge you have imparted during the short 8 weeks with you. I have learnt much and was able to apply what I learnt immediately into my business. And I am now able to speak with greater conviction with parents from an educator’s perspective and always stand from the point for the good of the child/learner. I have benefited much from her delivery. Good curriculum can only go far with good delivery and so my only regrets is not being able to carry on learning from her on a long term basis but nonetheless her positive learning attitude has certainly rubbed off hard on me and will see me go a long way too!"
- Tina Wong, Student - GIG Education Centre – The Teacher Developer - Certificate of Professional Practice – Phonics

I found it very helpful to have a good understanding of the functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Our tone of voice in classroom can determine which nervous system we are addressing in a child. It will either cause him/her to experience greater anxiety or to relax, breathe and learn. I'm learning to use the right tone of voice in my class and how to use it in various situation and have noticed that it not only affects the children but also the teachers. Personally, I appreciate the "Sandwich Feedback" which we received during the training by Hasnah. Her course offered on-the-spot learning and interaction, which stimulates my brain to learn and absorb the information."- Selina Wong, Preschool Teacher, PCF Sparkletots Taman Jurong - Positive Teachers workshop

"I've learnt discipline techniques for my child, through the educator's observation, has been very helpful. I really enjoy her classes and it has helped in my daughter's development.” - Marina, Teacher, Parent - Positive Kids programme

"The phonic course instructor Ms Has was just amazing in the way she conducted the class. The way she combined delivering course materials sprinkled generously with practical tips and effective activities (songs, strategies, brain body methods etc) from her own experience is something only the best of instructors can do. Can’t thank you enough!” - Shrimadhy Hariharan , Student - GIG Education Centre – The Teacher Developer  - Certificate of Professional Practice – Phonics

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I believe in creating a learning environment that dynamically engages the mind, heart and body. I offer an unconventional yet holistic approach to break the mould of a learner's obstacles. My zest and enthusiasm can invigorate learners and make learning a positive and impactful experience.

I would love to help your family! Watch an interview with Me (Accredited SleepTalk® Consultant and Trainer) with Joane Goulding, Founder of The Goulding Process SleepTalk ® for children. SleepTalk® is a methodology for building your child’s self confidence that is extremely simple for parents to learn and apply. The benefits have often been described as miraculous.

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