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Positive Learning 
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A positive collaboration between Positive Focus Pte Ltd & G I G International School.

Date:16 April 2018 / Monday, 7pm to 10pm
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*3 Brain Boosters to Help your Child Focus & Concentrate
*Things that Hurt your Child When You Thought You’re Helping Them

*Useful Tips to Reduce Fear & Anxieties in the Midst of Uncertainties
*How to TAP Your Abilities and be a Good Influence for your Child

Has A.R Founder / Master Trainer - Positive Focus

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Positive Learning 
Good Home . Good School . 
Free workshop

Why Positive Focus?

Child enrichment curricula are generally aimed at specific developmental areas ranging from physical, academic, musical and the creative. Each of these curriculum focuses its main emphasis on its own area of expertise. Hence kids gyms’ primary strength is in their depth of knowledge in helping children develop and improve their physical ability and motor co-ordination. Similarly, Speech & Drama programmes develop the child’s ability to communicate effectively and imaginatively.

Very often, the child’s emotional needs and his/her desire to seek positive affirmation from the parents and peers are not given sufficient attention. In our competitive environment, even enrichment classes can turn into some sort of competition. Inevitably, this creates stress for the child who, unlike adults, may not be able to communicate their predicament verbally or succinctly.

What is Positive Focus?

Positive Focus programmes are founded on the philosophy that a child’s development must be balanced and well rounded. We believe in equal development of the child’s mind, body, behaviour and emotional quotient. Our programmes integrates 3 major proven methodologies, mainly Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP ), Music & Movement, and basic Yoga aimed specifically at the younger children.

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP)

In basic terms, NLP describes the fundamental dynamic between Mind ( Neuro) and Language (Linguistic), and how their interplay affects our body and behaviour (Programming). The application of NLP helps parents understand better how the interplay between what they say, the tone in which they say it, and their body language affect the final impression of their communication with their child.

For example, words of encouragement and love from a harassed and stressed parent may be expressed with an inappropriate tone and/or body language. The child very often picks up the lack of congruency and the conflicting signals by the parent. What the parent thought is a positive affirmation of their love and concern is rejected by the child; and all too often the parent does not even understand why.

At Positive Focus, we develop a series of exercises and tools to help not just parents but children understand this process better. Appropriate NLP techniques therefore help both parents and children to become better communicators as well as develop a more positive attitude to life in general.

Music & Movement

Research has shown that children exposed to the arts and music is more likely to fare better in academic, math and sciences. They also possess more self-confidence, higher social skills and have better physical and motor co-ordination.

Positive Focus introduces music and movement elements into its programmes not so much to prepare the child for formal music instrumental education in the future, but as an aid to improve the child’s ability to express himself/herself spontaneously and creatively. Expressive communication via postures, movements and facial expressions as well as vestibular and auditory stimulation areenhanced through music & movement and dances. It is also a bonding agent that naturally invites cooperative and interactive endeavours such as taking turns, sharing and supporting each other’s efforts.  Music, after all, is a universal language and one that even a baby in her mother’s womb responds to!

Yoga Play

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. Its recent revival in popularity worldwide for both adults and children is evident of its benefits in helping achieve physical and mental equilibrium. The physical benefits include increased flexibility, strengthening of core muscles and improved balance and endurance, leading to overall better health. The mental benefits include a calmer disposition, better concentration and focus and mental resilience leading to a more harmonious and happy well-being.

Positive Focus yoga play elements are naturally age sensitive. Basic yoga play movements for babies and infants are heavily aided and led by the parent or caregiver. As the child grows older, more complicated and independent techniques are introduced. Yoga is also integrated into the programmes as an educational tool. For instance, the introduction of yoga poses mimicking different animals is used not just to improve flexibility and balance but appropriate movements, songs, rhymes and noises made by these animals are also used to give the child a wider perspective of the subject.