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The Goulding Process training


I found it very helpful to have a good understanding of the functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Our tone of voice in classroom can determine which nervous system we are addressing in a child. It will either cause him/her to experience greater anxiety or to relax, breathe and learn. I'm learning to use the right tone of voice in my class and how to use it in various situation and have noticed that it not only affects the children but also the teachers. Personally, I appreciate the "Sandwich Feedback" which we received during the training by Hasnah. Her course offered on-the-spot learning and interaction, which stimulates my brain to learn and absorb the information."

Selina Wong,
Preschool Teacher, PCF Sparkletots Taman Jurong


The phonic course instructor Ms Has was just amazing in the way she conducted the class. The way she combined delivering course materials sprinkled generously with practical tips and effective activities (songs, strategies, brain body methods etc) from her own experience is something only the best of instructors can do. Can’t thank you enough!”

Shrimadhy Hariharan ,
/ Student - GIG Education Centre – The Teacher Developer


THANK YOU** from the bottom of my heart Ms Has for the knowledge you have imparted during the short 8 weeks with you. I have learnt much and was able to apply what I learnt immediately into my business. And I am now able to speak with greater conviction with parents from an educator’s perspective and always stand from the point for the good of the child/learner. I have benefited much from her delivery. Good curriculum can only go far with good delivery and so my only regrets is not being able to carry on learning from her on a long term basis but nonetheless her positive learning attitude has certainly rubbed off hard on me and will see me go a long way too!

Tina Wong,
Student - GIG Education Centre – The Teacher Developer


Her programme encourages my ability to share quality time well with my children. I feel that her programme is necessary to teach my children self-regulation and build self-esteem. I like to see the program popular with many children to enjoy the benefits like I do.

Justine Duerden, 

Parent - Positive Kids (3 - 6 yrs)


I've learnt discipline techniques for my child, through the educator's observation, has been very helpful. I really enjoy her classes and it has helped in my daughter's development.


Teacher / Parent - Positive Tots (18months - 3 yrs)


She has helped me check myself and my behaviour as well as how I can identify my staff's personality and redirect their strengths.


Clarrisa Ang,

/  Principal G8 Education, Positive Leaders Workshop


Very insightful presentation with very good practical examples.


/ Parent, Standard Charted – Strengthen your child’s emotional resilience. 


Miss Has has a very good way of communicating her lessons.."


Rachel Chong,
/ Parent, Standard Charted – Strengthen your child’s emotional resilience.  


Watching my daughter blossom and her awareness opens up. A very kids-orientated, dynamic session, geared towards building the child’s physical, emotional and mental care.


/ Parent - Posiitve Kids (3 - 6 yrs)