Holiday Programme March 2019

A Positive Kids Camp series by Positive Focus®

The Mindful Me Camp (K2-12 years)No More Monkey Mind!Students will take away 20 mindful techniques coveringMindful SeeingMindful movementMindful listeningMindful Breathingthat will help them daily with –+Focused attention+Self-control+Self-care+Optimism+Social-emotional skillsHelps to:Decrease anxiety, stress, & fatigue

Mindful Tools to Boost* Attention* Perception* Compassion* Self-Regulation

Sign Up Now! 18th – 20th March! Click here for fees, schedule & registration! Mindful Holiday Buddy Promo Ends 10th March! Limited Seats! 

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Company LogoMindful Me Camp 6-12 years old Date: March 2019 School Holidays 18th – 20th March 2019Time: 11am – 2pmLocation: OMS Tanglin Mall #03-11B Tanglin Mall (247933) Fee: $420 per child School Holidays Special. Promotion ends absolutely on 10th March!Bring a buddy or more: $399 only per child  CAMP REGISTRATION  

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Choose your preferred payment option * Cheque drop to UOB Bank Cheque Deposit Box – cheque payable to “Positive Focus Pte Ltd” and indicate UOB Acc no. 3923008215 on reverse of chequeBank transfer – UOB Acc 3923008215PayPal (Click on Paypal link)PayNow to UEN 200608285R
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March 2019 Mindful Me Camp 6-12yrs:Bring a Buddy ends 10th Mar!
1-to-go: $420 $420.00 SGD2-to-go: $798($399 per child) $798.00 SGD3-to-go: $1197($399 per child) $1,197.00 SGD

Engaging the Mind, Body and Heart!

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