Opportunities & Engagements

Opportunities & Engagements

We offer empowering and enriching programmes and trainings to make a difference in the lives of children. Together, we CAN create a better world!

For Individuals: If you have always wanted to make a breakthrough in teaching, parenting or in the consultancy business using Positive Education  and Mental Fitness for children or adults, we offer coaching, trainings and mentorship programme to support your Journey.

For centre managers and leaders: If you are looking for trainings to motivate teachers / team members in your organisation, upgrade their knowledge and skills or simply re-energise your team, we have a series of positive workshops and mental fitness trainings to meet your needs.

For Business owners: If you manage or own an infant / child- care centre, preschool / kindergarten, dance or yoga studio, recreational club. toy & play store, enrichment / education centre, contact us to discover a mutually beneficial partnership at no Investment cost. Our program is an ideal complement to your core product offering, widening your business and market opportunities

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