Positive Kids – Teens

The teenage years are amongst the most stressful stages of growth for both parent and child. From having difficulty concentrating at school, experiencing social anxiety, and constantly feeling tired and overwhelmed, teenagers may experience negative thoughts, begin to neglect their responsibilities, and radically change their eating and sleeping habits.

We recognise that these years also shape the important transition to adulthood. This is why our programme is formulated to equip teens with the necessary tools to form positive habits and strengthen mental and emotional resilience with evidence-based strategies. A teenager’s journey to find their identity does not have to be as painful as parents often think.

Our activities focus on cultivating essential coping mechanisms to help teenagers make good choices, manage peer and academic pressures, and adequately deal with societal expectations. The weekly classes will also help teenagers learn the importance of  mindfulness, self-care while fortifying their focus, self-esteem, optimism and social-emotional skills and reducing anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

stressful teens

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