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We are passionate about creating a better world! We empower parents, teachers, and children with evidence-based practical life skills to thrive in a VUCA world.

Ms Has A.R,
Founder of Positive Focus®
Educator since 1995

“It is not just about knowing; it is how we apply that knowledge. Many parents and teachers are well-informed, yet they may not have developed the skills or habits to put what they learn into practice to help children as intended. It is the translation of knowledge into purposeful action that makes the difference.”

Growing up with Positive Focus ®


Why do people love us?

"Positive Focus® will benefit teachers and parents in their field in expressing themselves and understanding behavioral management."
Fadirah Fitri Jamal
Speech & Drama Teacher
"This course is a definite must for a preschool teacher to instill positive mindset into a child. As a parent, I felt I should have attended it much earlier to help my child.
Ong Lay Ting
Mother of 4 year old
" Has is very inspiring, very touched by her sharing of her life story, which make her "real".
Director/ Principal of Genie Kinder Learning Hub
"It was an eye opener & great exposure! I personally felt that the programme is an excellent one for the development of children in the developing stages."
Foo Xin Yue
Professional Tutor/Speech n Drama Teacher
"You should sign up for your own mental state if not for class application!!
Rita White
Speech & Drama /Phonics instructor

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