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The teenage years are amongst the most stressful stages of growth for both parent and child. From having difficulty concentrating at school, experiencing social anxiety, and constantly feeling tired and overwhelmed, teenagers may experience negative thoughts, begin to neglect their responsibilities, and radically change their eating and sleeping habits.

We recognise that these years also shape the important transition to adulthood. This is why our programme is formulated to equip teens with the necessary tools to form positive habits and strengthen mental and emotional resilience with evidence-based strategies. A teenager’s journey to find their identity does not have to be as painful as parents often think.

Our activities focus on cultivating essential coping mechanisms to help teenagers make good choices, manage peer and academic pressures, and adequately deal with societal expectations. The weekly sessions will also help teenagers learn the importance of  mindfulness, self-care while fortifying their focus, self-esteem, optimism and social-emotional skills and reducing anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

Positive Focus® programmes are founded on the philosophy that a growing child’s development must be balanced and well rounded. We believe in the holistic development of the child’s mind, body, behaviour and emotional quotient. 

Mainly, what sets Positive Focus® Programmes apart from every other is our focus on all 3 major elements of a child’s development: IQ, EQ, PQ. We do this through the holistic integration of primary proven methodologies.

1) Applied Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology is the science focusing on the positive aspects of human life, happiness and well-being. Resilience-building skills such as how to develop a growth mindset and how to develop an attitude of gratitude are seamlessly integrated into our programmes to build the happiness muscle.

2) Neuro-Linguistic – Programming (NLP)
NLP describes the fundamental dynamic between Mind ( Neuro) and Language (Linguistic), and how their interplay affects our body and behaviour (Programming). Communication and self – mastery skills such as how to be in control of the internal thought processes that guide emotions, habits, and behaviours help children and adults achieve sync between their minds and their bodies through their language.

3) Yoga
The myriad benefits of yoga are well documented. Physical strengthening, improved motor control and coordination accompany mental calmness and focus. Age appropriate breathing exercises, physical postures and visualisation skills are woven into our programmes to enhance health and well being of both adult and child.

4) Mindfulness

Research indicates that mindfulness practices help us increase our ability to regulate emotions, decrease stress and anxiety. Our programmes incorporate age-appropriate mindfulness activities to improve self-regulation, focus, peace of mind, compassion and self-care with these powerful practices.

5) Whole brain learning
We employ active learning strategies to engage the mind, body and emotions to maximize learners participation and ignite a love for learning. Such strategies are not limited to the inclusion of music as an instructional tool, movement to promote retention, chunking new information, repetition, and engaging multiple senses simultaneously.

We provide consultations and coaching for parents as well as customized corporate training led by our founder, Ms Hasnah AR. Since 1995, her vast experience in holistic education includes coaching & training parents, teachers, educational leaders, counsellors and therapists working with children from infants to teens.

Virtual Coaching - Individual / Group - Tell Me more!

Option 1 – 75 min x 5 weeks – Package Fee: $750 

Option 2 – Duration: 75 min x 10 weeks – Package Fee: $1300

Private group  – Min. to start 2 students – Max 4 

Option 1 – 75 min  x 5 weeks –  Package fee: $650 / person

Option 2 – 75 min x 10 weeks  – Package: $1100 / person

Package Includes:

Weekly Notes / Journal, personality profiling, strengths test, NLP prefered representational system test and a laser focused 10 min phone follow up session with parent/s.

Led by  Miss Has A.R , Founder/ Speaker / Master Trainer / Life Coach    

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